Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Illustration Friday's 'Shades'

Hi all, I'm back with another Illustration Friday illustration.  This week's word was shades.  Now, I know most people are thinking 'sunglasses' when they saw the word.  I almost joined in on making shades, but then I kept thinking about it and found some 'dictionary' terms for it.  The one I found and liked was "shades,
darkness gathering at the close of day: Shades of nightare falling."   So, I kept thinking about shades of colour and brown came into play for my image.  Therefore I was now thinking 'Shades ... of brown' and chose to do my illustration in different colours of browns.  Sticking with my make-up theme (Ads) I chose to do a line of 'bronzers' as they are all browns.  The picture above was my inspirational piece.  I liked that they used the 'red' tone a lot in the ad to show that it was for a 'Jewel Red' lipstick...

The first step in my process was to create am image of a girl (I used celebrity Lucy Hale as reference) that blended in with the background.  I then added several different browns to her eyes.  I kept the look of the illustration minimal as I didn't want it to be too detailed.

I then added the words 'Shades of brown' to the bottom.  I kept shades big as I wanted it to be the main focus ( it is the word after all) and 'of brown' to be a lighter shade so that it's not the main focus and blends in a bit with the background.  

Of course, I had to add a 'Sephora logo' above to show the company I was creating for, and to make it look more like an advertisement.

As per usual, most ads have a quirky saying to get your attention, and I've been adding them to all my ads, and so I added one on here (shocker?) in a light brown font colour, so that it stands out on the ad, but still goes with the concept of shades of brown.

In the end, I reviewed my image and noticed that the 'light' glare on her eye  had moved over, so I moved it back into place.  I also added 'available exclusively at www.sephora.com.' to the very bottom to let people know where you could get the 'product.'  Most ads have something like this to show whether it's only available online, in stores or both.
  Overall, I'm pleased with the look of the ad, it's not too detailed and I love the minimalistic look.

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