Monday, March 5, 2012

Daily Dose of Fluid?- Illustration Friday

Hi All,
As stated in my previous blog, the next word For Illustration Friday was 'Fluid.'
As soon as I heard this I (sticking with my make-up ad theme) thought of Liquid Foundation, so I got straight to work!
I started with going into illustrator and remaking a bottle of 'foundation' and brought it into photoshop.  I then used a large brush to make it look like 'streaks' of foundation across the canvas. This would later be used as the base of the image.

I really like the ads for Sephora, they're really fun, so I created ANOTHER advertisement for them!
At this point in the ad, I added the Sephora logo and the font/text I wanted to use for the word 'Fluid.'
I placed in in the direction of the 'foundation streak' and added a drop shadow in a darker shade of 'foundation.'

As always, I came up with some quirky little saying  that says "Your skin deserves a little 'splash' of liquid beauty" and mentioned that it's a new line in the brand, to clearly state what I'm advertising, if you couldn't already see it.   

I wasn't particularly 'inlove' with the saying, I wanted to make it more 'clever' and to have better synergy with the actual word 'Fluid.'  So, i ended up making it a  question, that makes it sound like it should be H2O... Are you getting your daily dose of? Fluid ... Just a clever little pun! I also changed the placement of Text for the question and the ' A new line..." text as I didn't like where they were and wanted the saying to stand out more, and differ from the other text.   I ended up putting the saying on an angle, the same angle as the foundation streak so that it went well with Fluid, and kept the other text clean and straight so that it was clearly visible.

I liked the placement and decided to add a white soft drop shadow to the saying as I wanted it to overlap the fluid streak but not blend in.  I also last minute noticed that the saying looked odd having a question mark before the word Fluid, since it's suppose to be like the ad is asking you if you've had your daily dose!
Alright, after much consideration, this ended up being my Final!
I like the way it ended up and glad, that I chose to edit the things I did.  It looks better with the question mark smaller, after Fluid, so the 'question' actually looks like a question.  I am also thrilled about the fonts I chose and how i placed them, it looks fun, but simplified.  
Hope you all enjoy!
Until Next time ... 
Veronica K


  1. This is really nice! i had a hard time with the word fluid but you did a good job incorporating it with sephora, Im obsessed with that store its the only place I shop and mac cosmetics :)

  2. Thanks, yea I knew at first what I wanted to do so I'm glad it came easy haha. I love those places too, would be broke if I worked there! Haha