Sunday, January 22, 2012


Hi All, this weeks word from illustration friday was 'prepare.'
PREPARE: To put things or oneself in readiness; get ready: to prepare for war.  When i saw this definition from prepare i thought 'how could i incorporate make-up with prepare' and i immediately thought to prepare before make-up  as in 'the base' for the application of makeup.   Every canvas needs to be well prepared before the painter starts applying the paint same as every face should be cleansed, toned, moisturized..etc and primed before the application of make-up ... After initially knowing i wanted to use 'base' products as the  image i wanted to think of subject matter.  I then thought of "to prepare for your wedding day"  Every woman on her wedding day wants perfect skin, and that starts with the daily cleansing routine-the biggest part of keeping a 'flawless face.'

The piece i found inspiration from was from George Petty.

I decided i wanted to do an add for the make-up brand/store SEPHORA.

I looked at several sephora advertisements to keep them looking similar.

Step 1: i got a bunch of products from my bathroom (which all came from sephora ;)) and shot them on a white background.  I  found the pictures of the rings online and brought them into photoshop to brighten and sharpen.

Step 2: I made a black background thinking that this was initially what I wanted.

Step 3: I added my photo to the background and played with where i wanted it positioned and such.

I ended up doing a gradient of black at the top and yellow/white at the bottom to add more 'spunk' to a boring background.  Added the word of the week as it could be a new 'line' at the store and the 'designer' of the brand.  As well,  I added the "presented exclusively at SEPHORA" text that all the ads have.

I thought i was done, until i realized that the ads usually have a quirky little bit/description on the product itself so I should do the same. 
Since it was 'wedding' themed for women, i decided to add"Need that flawless face for the day it counts? Get PREPARED."

Thanks for checking out my blog, next weeks word is twirl.
Thanks again
Veronica Komar

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

I.W.D Posters Part II -The Final Stage

Hello All!

I took the opportunity upon myself to start painting a rough draft image for my International Women's Day poster to make myself familiar with acrylic paints again.  I also wanted to learn how to blend properly and such with acrylics ... I'm actually super proud of how my painting of Hayden Panettiere came out, though i know i still have some tweaking to do for the final one but I thought I'd share what I did .. Note that i only did the face/hair/neck just to practise, but the final one will have the entire image I plan on re creating. 

Thanks again!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Time lapse painting

While on youtube, as per usual, I happened to come across time-lapse painting which is basically people painting things sped up.  This artist Mohammed Hindash has many of these videos and all his paintings turn out well.  I know this is helping with my poster seeing how he does everything, and I hope it inspires and helps some of you !

Check out the link of his painting of  Lady Gaga!   

Veronica K

Illustration Friday 'Grounded'

Hello All, I've recently started to follow the blog 'Illustration Friday' and got very inspired to join in on the  fun.  The word this week was Grounded.   When i thought about the word grounded I immediately thought of the literal sense of being grounded for being in trouble.  After a while i thought about it some more and kept thinking about the earthy meaning in grounded, that it not only means when your in trouble but on the ground.  I found the photo above and it inspired me to draw my own 'forest scene' with earthy natural colours.
To differentiate any other drawing or painting from mine, I chose to use a different form of media... Make-up!  I really love makeup and love creating with it everyday on my eyes/face/lips, etc. that i thought it would be a great idea to involve it into these illustrations.

First i grabbed some paper -printer paper was all i had at the time, but a rougher, jagged piece of paper would of held everything better.
I then penciled in the outlines of where I wanted to place everything like the trees, the path and what not.
I put down makeup primer to help everything stick and become brighter and more vibrant.
I then added brown primer to the ground to help the brown eyeshadows stick and brown gel liner to the trees to make them darker and stick out more from the ground.  I lightly dusted on brown eyeshadow on to the path and coninued to add green eyeshadows to the trees (leaves) and the ground.  I blended out the green to look more smooth and fill up the page.

I added a brown eyeshadow (loose) pigment that had golden sparkles to the path to add texture - to look dirt-like.  I sprinkled on some dark green loose eyeshadow all over the 'ground' to add more texture and not make it look so flat and 2D - plus grass isn't all one colour and there are other plants in a forest.

To add a bit more texture to the tree i outlined them roughly in a dark brown eyeliner pencil and added some lines on the first upclose tree.

Overall, i like how it turned out and how it looks like it could be a painting.. It was quite messy but worth the work.  I'm excited for the next challenge!

Stay tuned for next weeks Illustration Friday challenge - it's the word 'Prepare.'

Veronica K

International Women's Day Poster

Hello All,

The above are my thumbnails and the Al Parker inspiration picture i chose.

Today I'm here to mention some things about the International Women's Day (March 8th)  poster I'll be painting .. The 'famous' person I chose to portray on the poster is Hayden Panettiere..   She's a 22 year old actress, an activist, and the International Spokesperson for The Whaleman Foundation The Whaleman Foundation .   She helps raise awareness about the slaughtering of these mammals by speaking about them and actually going out to these places and helping. 
While i was researching more about this subject (I knew she did the organization but wanted more information for myself) ... I found this very emotional video of her returning back to the place that used to be covered with blood, and the impact she's had.  After watching this, my eyes filled with tears and I now have much more of an appreciation for her and I don't consider her just another actress. 

Thanks again for reading, come back soon!
-Veronica K

My coloured comps purple background, orange background

The once i chose to use ... orange background (really light-macbookpro cam quality isn't the finest)

Thanks again for reading, come back soon!
-Veronica K

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Entering the Bloggersphere

Hello Fellow Bloggers.

First off, I'd like to say that having gotten my account in October 2009, i haven't used it since then so I'm still getting used to navigating.  
I should also start off by properly introducing myself ...
My name is Veronica Komar and I am a graphic designer.
I enjoy creating graphics and being a part of the graphic design world.
I'll be using blog spot to post my artwork and new images that i create so stay tuned!