Saturday, February 18, 2012

The Final Stage -International Women's Day posters

Hi everyone, as we know  this has been quite the journey to get to the final stage's of our International Women's Day Posters ..
I know for me it's taken quite some time as I wanted to make sure I got all the shading down pact!
I finally finished and am quite proud of my poster and how it turned out.  I've added in last minute elements to fine tune it and add a little more 'info' about her so even people that don't know her, will now know.
I'm really proud as I've never painted like this in my life, and the fact that it turned great is amazing for me and I'm proud to say that Hayden Panettiere was my inspiration, as I've learned so much about her in this process.

This is what I started with on InDesign, but I didn't know where to keep the black text because I knew it didn't mix well where it was.

I then Moved it to the top as it looked more appropriate and it looked better on a 'smooth' opaque background rather then the 'contours' of the painting. I then added the whale tail, as it is the organizations 'icon'  but didn't know how to incorporate it into the picture so that it looked like it fit (basically with the colour scheme).

So far this is what I had, but after some critiquing I realized it should have a more feminine flow to it, after all it is 'Women's' Day poster!  The Text was way to Bold and didn't necessarily flow well with the rest of the poster.  The text on top also did not fit with the colour scheme and to me, still managed to look odd around the top of her head. 
At the end of this long process I finally got the poster that I was hoping to achieve all along! 
The text curves with her body and it's a 'lighter' font and 'curvy.'  I also moved the text on the side to utilize  the negative space and made it green so that it works well with my colour scheme.  Overall, I'm very happy with the end result and in my opinion, it looks so much better then before! 

Due to some licensing issues with the particular font I used, i chose one slightly different,  but still wanted to use a similar text as I liked the effect it gave to the poster. Here is the Final.

-Veronica K

Monday, February 6, 2012


Hi Everyone, This week's illustration friday word was suspense.  I was looking around the internet on how I could incorporate make-up (my general theme) with suspense, when I found this picture of a woman looking surprised.

I immediately knew that I wanted to do a make-up ad and keep it looking sketchy, so i grabbed my tablet and started off with a rough sketch of a woman looking surprised!

I generally liked the sketchy appeal of my illustration so i kept with it and added in colours as you would see in pop art, nice and solid.   The only shading i wanted was on the eyes (smokey eye) , dark colours to incorporate the darkness of 'suspense' like in suspenseful, dramatic, and horror movies.

I wanted to make it a M.A.C advertisement since their ads are always super creative and incorporate so much into them.  I added the logo  to the bottom of the hair since it went well together (the contrast that is) and make the word 'suspense' creepy looking and large so that it had emphasis on it.   I added a text bubble with the text 'WATCH OUT'  to add drama and to make it seem like the light in the back  could be a car light or flash light -something to intrigue the viewer but not knowing what it is and if it is a car, is it coming straight for you?  thus making it 'suspenseful.

I like how this add turned out and will be experimenting more with making ads ( for make-up ;) as it is an interest of mine.
Until next time,