Sunday, April 15, 2012

New. Mind. Set

Hi all,

So we had a project for New Mind Sets for the school (NMS).
We got into small groups and each worked on our own media for the 'client.'
We had to create concepts for a new way of learning.  You could pick which 'options' you wanted and in the end it would blend those things together for 1 program design specifically for you.
I started off with a a blender theme, and the food (options) you put in were the options you pick.  It then blends everything together and pours into a cup.  That cup would be your perfect program.

After some client feedback, I realized it should be more 'school' theme and online.  So I chose to use a book with a mouse to help create the online school theme.
This was my new concept. 

Here is the story board, explaining and showing you how it all works.

We then had to create a logo each, a letter head and business card.

Here are samplings of my Logo, letterhead and business card.
This is the letterhead I made.
I wanted to keep it simple yet still have bold characteristics to it.  I kept the logo big so that it stands out, then added a background so it tied everything together and didn't make it feel like the logo was just sitting in white space.  To keep with the logo, i also made a smaller circle in the corner where you can put information in, or a key point.  You can also choose to do so at the bottom like I did.

This is the business card, I wanted to keep the theme unified and decided to go with the waves of white.  I kept it clean and simple and you can also put info on the back.

This was my experimentation of logos.  I wanted to make something that still had the logo colours of the school, but something that showed the 'nuggets' and blended learning theme to it aswell. 

Overall, after looking and experimenting, this was my finished logo and the one I ended up choosing.

Both of my other group members have different concepts, logos and letterheads/business cards, but this was my take on that.

Thanks again for checking out my blog.
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